Think you may have a pool leak?

If you’ve been researching swimming pool leaks in the Sarasota area, you’ve just landed in a good place. We are a small team of certified pool leak experts armed with all of the latest cutting edge technology and knowledge to insure that if your pool is leaking, we can find out where and get things fixed.

Swimming pool leaks cost you money! When your pool is leaking you are wasting water and chemicals. When ignored, pool leak repairs can cost you thousands of dollars instead of usually much less. Some pool owners “know” their pools pretty well and they know when their pool is leaking. For other pool owners, it may not be that simple, for example if you just moved into a new home that came with a swimming pool you may not realize if how much water you are adding to the pool is “normal”.

Don’t waste your money paying for a swimming pool leak detection unless you really need one. If your not sure, here is a simple test. Fill the pool up to the normal operating level. This is usually slightly above the middle of the skimmer opening. With the pool pump off, remove the skimmer lid and mark the existing water level somewhere easily seen on the plastic with a pencil. You can check your pencil mark and the pool water level the next morning before the pump comes on and then again around the time you marked the water level the day before. If the pool drops more than 1/4″ in 24 hours, read on, you may have a pool leak. Otherwise, continued monitoring is recommended.


Consider the following:

  • How many times a week are you adding water to the pool with the hose? If it’s more than once per week… suspect a leak.
  • Is there unusual settling or cracks in the pool deck surrounding the pool?
  • Are you adding more chemicals than usual?
  • Have you had a pool remodeling or repairs done recently that may coincide with the extra water loss.

Any of these could be the tell-tale signs of a pool leak that should not be ignored. If you suspect a leak. Give us a call. We can help you to determine over the phone if you need to schedule a leak detection.

There is never a charge for this service.

If you’re still not sure about having a pool leak, try our bucket water loss test —>bucket2

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