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Buying a new home is be one of the biggest purchase decisions you’ll ever have to make. Inheriting a leaking swimming pool when you buy a home can be as bad as getting a leaking roof from a repair cost standpoint. Most traditional home inspections will exclude the swimming pool completely or will only provide a limited visual and sometimes a limited equipment report. Remember, this is a home inspection and not a pool inspection. Ideally when you have a home inspection, it would be great to have an expert technician in each field such as a plumber to report on plumbing, an electrician to inspect the wiring etc, Why not have a certified pool inspector and master pool leak detector check the pool too.

We believe, that home buyers who purchase a home with a pool should have the ability to have not only the equipment checked, but to also have the pool evaluated to see if it’s leaking or not. We all know these days, water isn’t cheap. Neither are most major pool repairs.

Even small leaks can mean big problemsLeakAlyzer measuring system

These days technology allows us the ability to measure small things. We now have the ability to measure things such as the drop in your swimming pool water level down to the 10 thousandths of an inch.

In applying this technology to documenting pool leaks, our pool leak check program was born. After about an hour of collecting data, we are able to tell whether a pool is leaking or just experiencing the expected normal drop due to evaporation. The process is non-invasive and involves placing just a small sensor into the pool water.

Using the collected data, we can provide you a graphical report usually within the same day.  The report shows values for estimated pool water loss due to normal evaporation and also any additional water loss due to leaks. The report also details estimates for water loss in gallons per hour, per day etc.

What if the pool is leaking

If the pool water leak test shows a drop in the water level greater than the expected evaporation rate, there is water leaking from the pool water system. At Florida Leak Patrol, we are experts in finding all and repairing most pool leaks. We are able to perform a complete scuba dive inspection and leak detection on the pool to locate the location(s) of leakage and often repair them on the spot with underwater epoxy. The entire process will usually take several hours and needs to be scheduled in advance in order to budget enough time to check everything very carefully.

Ninety percent of all pool leaks are found at structure penetrations such as the pool drain, the pool skimmer, the light etc., We systematically check your entire pool and equipment for leaks. We have a very high success rate making pools leak free in just one visit of several hours. Any leaks requiring major repairs such as those due to plumbing or equipment problems, are documented during the leak detection. The client may choose their own (or we can help recommend) a qualified pool contractor for major repairs.

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All repairs are covered by our one-year warranty unless they are noted otherwise as temporary. Temporary means the repair is not able to be warranted due to the type of leak problem it is repairing. For example, a skimmer that is cracked will need to be replaced due to the likelihood of settling braking any epoxy repair within a short period of time. In such a case, we will effect a temporary epoxy repair in order to stop the water leakage from the pool.

Pool leak check evaluations start at $195.00. The basic computerized evaluation will tell you whether or not the pool is leaking. Expected evaporation rates are displayed on the reports based on actual collected data.  Buyers may also wish to schedule a private pool inspection with an equipment pool school if and water chemistry basics to help new owner’s get off to a good start with their pools.  A private pool inspection is a 25 point inspection ranging from general pool and equipment condition to potential pool safety issues. It also includes the Pool Leak Check. Private pool inspections start at $295.

Pool school allows buyers to learn the basics of pool ownership from an expert and ask questions specifically about their new pool.   Pool school comes for free with a private pool inspection or costs $125 as a standalone service.

A full residential pool leak detection can range in cost anywhere from $325 – $500 depending on whether there is a spa connected to the pool and/or other water features that add complexity to the system. Commercial pools will normally run from $375 – $750. Again, the actual price will vary depending on the size, the presence of gutter skimmers and other existing features. Please call us for an exact quote.


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Florida Leak Patrol is a NSPF certified pool and spa operator
Florida Leak Patrol is a NSPF certified pool and spa inspector

Owner Mark Spatz, holds both CPO & CPI Certifications and is a Licensed Florida Home Inspector #HI9142