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The most important thing to know for sure before scheduling a leak detection is whether or not the pool is really leaking. Has a 24 hour water loss test ever been done on the pool to see how much the pool water level drops during that time frame? We strongly urge all of our potential leak detection customers to perform this simple test before scheduling their pool for a leak detection.

The 24 hour water loss test, a.k.a the bucket test, serves several good purposes. When done correctly, it helps let you know if the water level drop in your pool is just from normal evaporation or maybe also from a pool leak. Performing the bucket test shows you how much the pool is actually dropping per day before you schedule a leak detection. Repeating the bucket test after the leak detection work has been completed helps to confirm that your leak detection was a success and that your money has been well spent.

If you are sure that your pool is leaking, you can schedule your leak detection with us now online using the form below. Your payment will be due at the completion of your leak detection. Cash and checks are happily accepted. Sorry, no credit card payments at this time. Please call us at 941-724-9939 for more information if needed before scheduling an appointment.

The only way to be absolutely sure that your pool is leak free is to systematically check everything that can leak. This usually means us getting in the pool with scuba gear and checking all the structural penetrations such as the drain, the light, the skimmer and all the pool water returns. If your pool has an integrated spa that spills water into the pool, all structural penetrations in the spa will also be carefully checked. The process usually will take us 3 to 4 hours in order to go through everything. The current rates for a standard residential pool leak detection are listed below. 

Standard residential pool up to 25,000 gallons – $325.00 plus up to $50 for repairs (major repairs excluded)
Standard residential pool & spa up to 25,000 gallons – $350.00 plus up to $50 for repairs (major repairs excluded)

An example of a major pool repair would be cutting the concrete deck to repair a broken or cracked pipe underneath, a complete skimmer replacement, repairing a structural crack etc. Other plumbing and equipment related repairs are also outside of the prices listed. Out of all the pool leak detections we’ve successfully completed, 95% or better had no major issues and our clients’ billing was within the ranges listed above.

So relax…most pool leaks are not that serious. Repairs can be made with underwater epoxy as leaks are located and that can be accomplished without draining the pool. Should you be one of the unlucky few that does end up having a leak under the pool deck or other more serious issue, we’ll also locate that leak as part of your leak detection and in many cases effect a temporary repair. Costs for permanent major repairs of this type are usually estimated based on the time and materials required to accomplish the repair.

If you are a new client, please register using the street address of where the leaky pool is located. You will receive a confirmation email and another reminder 24 hrs in advance of your appointment. We value and respect your privacy and promise to never divulge your personal contact information to any third parties.


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