Slab Leaks


What is a Slab Leak?

A slab leak is a pin hole or crack often in copper supply line plumbing located underneath the concrete slab in a commercial or residential building. Often these leaks will develop for various reasons over time due to soil conditions, water chemistry or mechanical failure.

Slab leaks can also develop under the slab in sewer lines. You may have reason to suspect you have a slab leak if:


  • You see water leaking from the foundation
  • You hear water running when all faucets in the house are turned off
  • You have water on the floor or carpets
  • You see wetness around baseboards
  • You notice an unexplained sudden spike in your water bill
  • You can feel heat from a hot water line through the floor
  • You have had slab leaks in the past
  • Your neighbors have had slab leaks in their homes or businesses.

Florida Leak Patrol can help you to non-invasively pin-point the location of a slab leak in order to help minimize the time and amount of distruction a plumber may require to locate your leak. Less time and less destruction mean lower restoration costs after the repair is made.

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Florida Leak Patrol is a NSPF certified pool and spa inspector

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