Thermal Inspections


Interior water leak detections using infrared imaging cameras

Thermal imaging with an infrared camera can save you time, frustration and money. Sometimes thousands of dollars in restoration costs can be saved by quickly pin pointing the source of the water leak.

When a material gets wet, the water cools as it evaporates. Areas that are wet show up as purple and blue while other areas are closer to the ambient temperature and the relative humidity of the room and will show up as yellow and white.

These cameras allow us to inspect your home or business without causing harm to walls and flooring. That can mean a lot if you are interested in making well informed decisions when buying a house or commercial building.

Having knowledge about potential leaks can give you negotiating power before you buy and sometimes keep you from making a costly mistake.

Infrared thermography helps save time and money

Air Infiltration Analysis

Air leaks in our homes and businesses can make our HVAC equipment work overtime. Cracked or missing weatherstripping on windows and doors allows drafts in the winter and allows conditioned air outside. Poorly installed or missing insulation in ceilings, walls, basements and crawl spaces is a common problem with many homes. An energy audit of your home or business can quickly reveal expensive problems that very often can be fixed rather inexpensively.


Electrical Wiring Analysis

Since a thermal imaging camera displays differences in surface temperatures it is a valuable tool for finding overloaded circuits and machinery that is overheated due to a wide range of factors. We will scan your electrical panels and provide you with a report with accurate information about your electrical wiring.

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At Florida Leak Patrol we believe in 100% customer satisfaction. We’ll come back for free for up to 30 days if after we’ve completed your leak detection, you think your pool is still leaking.

Florida Leak Patrol is a NSPF certified pool and spa operator
Florida Leak Patrol is a NSPF certified pool and spa inspector
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